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Monday, July 16, 2018

Written on Jul 16, 2018


Generating a patch for a specific commit

Did you know Firefox has a feature that allows you to right click on the search box of your favorite website and create a shortcut for it? So for example, if I wanted to create a shortcut for TODO

How to check out branches from mozilla-beta and mozilla-esr*

How to build things due to modification for one bug and simultaneously work on another bug in the same directory


Option 1

If you need to debug your try build and you want to do it on another machine, simply ``

Option 2

pore a tool made by my mentor.

Responding to review comments on Async Clipboard APIs bug

See specific comment here.

From, we see that

The DataTransfer.getData() method retrieves drag data (as a DOMString) for the specified type. If the drag operation does not include data, this method returns an empty string.

This does not mention anything about actually retrieving data from the clipboard. But this could be a typo. Still, I’m having a hard time locating where in DataTransfer::GetData DataTransferItem::DataNoSecurityCheck(...) gets called. I’m going to debug and see at which point the above function gets called.


I stepped through Clipboard::WriteText(...) and discovered that eventually DataTransferItem::GetData(...) indirectly calls DataTransferItem::DataNoSecurityCheck(...), so I had to refactor my code.

Bug 1474739 - Kill the remaining consumers of XPT shims